Young Joe Burke driving a Lyman

Co-founder Joe Burke as a young boy on his Uncle's Lyman

Lymans are part of our life. And yours too.

Maybe you are a current Lyman owner. Maybe you grew up on a Lyman. Or maybe you've always admired these handcrafted, legendary wooden boats. However you come to the Lyman Life, it's an instant link; a link that has led us to some of our most treasured friendships.

We want our fellow Lyman lovers to recognize one another even when the boat's out of the water. So when we learned that no one was offering Lyman logo items, we acquired the rights and did it ourselves.

We are proud to create clothing and accessories to celebrate the lifestyle and the legacy that is Lyman.

We're beginning with a few basics but we'll keep adding more, so check back often and please, if there's something you want but can't find on our site, let us know. We get it--that's why we started Lyman Life in the first place.

The boat is just the beginning.

Yours in Lyman Life,

The Burke Family

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